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JE 13.5 piston vs stocker help

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I just installed a JE 13.5:1 piston (the standard, not the super light one) in my '06 CRF450R and my bike, while very powerful seems to rev slower and vibrate a bit more than stock. Also, there is a bit more compression braking which I guess I kind of expected. I have about 10 hours on the top end and have zero worries except I swear a stock '06 bike just runs cleaner and possibly even faster. Any ideas? Valves and air filter are good. Muffler freshly re-packed. What "should" I expect?

edit - I guess I would have to say it feels like it is running rich. Would the jetting need to be changed for this piston? I'll mess with the air screw but I'm thinking that'll just help with the initial throttle response correct?

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