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2000 CR 250 PV hanging issue

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This morning I had nothing to do, so I went ahead and rejetted my bike, replaced my smashed pipe from this past weekend, and clean the power valve. I replaced the top end/reeds 13 hours ago after buying it this past March. After opening the RH side PV cover I realized that the power valve was not moving as smoothly as it did when I rebuilt the top end (along with decarbonizing everything). I just figured there was a lot of carbon build up due to using Castor 927. Well, there was a lot of carbon to clean up! I was surprised at the amount built up, but eveything also had a nice coat of oil on it. I'd rather decarbonize than rebuild! I decarbonized the parts I could get to w/out taking the jug off. I took out the rods/valve/bearings/etc to clean them. I put it all back together and it would still hang up when I moved it by hand. I started the bike up and watched the tick mark on the RH side go up to H and fall almost back to L where it hung for just a second and went all the way back to L. The bike runs great, but the PV just hangs there short of L for a second. What could be the problem? I'm not overly worried since it runs great, but cannot figure it out?

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