#ThumperTalk Trivia Scores

Ok, Im gonna be a bit of a dolt for asking, but where are the questions?

I just found out yesterday on the drz side. There is a trivia game you can play in the TT chat room. It is alot of fun actually. :)

That is fun.

The questions are tough!

And if, like me, you are:

1)an even bigger "dolt :goofy:", and

2)did not even know we have a chatroom :D , and

3)still cannot find a "TT chatroom" :), are you

4)too stupid to play? :D

LOL. Your too funny Chandrive.

I had been to the Chatroom before, it had just been so long I forgot where to go.

go to www.thumpertalk.net

Then in the upper right, click "Chat Now"

It will take you there and tell you what to do from there. :)

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