rear suspention

Hi guys hope this might be the last question from me ( some hope ) I have just rebuilt the front forks and I very happy with them, but I have alway felt that the rear felt a little dead .I have just pressed down on the rear and after about 75mm travel it feels like it almost locks up . I have adjusted the shocks up but it still feels like there is some travel missing.

The pre load is wound right off to drop the rear a bit so It should feel almost too soft.

Any advice would be great.

Can I ask if the rear shock from a 2004 WR450 will fit the 2001 WR426.

Thanks all.


hi all, just to say found the problem stripped it down this morning and found the relay arm bushes were full of rust and locked solid.

Thanks for looking Jono

Good job on the find. Many brand new bikes come lacking in bearing grease so it's no suprise what a used bike's bearings are like. Often times the "string cheese" is in disarray and sometimes the needle bearings fall out in a big pile of dust.

You caught it; I've seen bearing pivot holes get ovalized due to truly poor bearing conditions.

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