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03 wr250f clutch help please?

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ok, so i brought my buddies bike into the shop the other day because his clutch was not fully disengaging. when the clutch lever was fully pulled in, the bike would was pulling very very hard. it was also difficult to pop the bike into neutral. once riding, the bike seemed to shift fine, it was just stopping, and neutral that was hard.

so......i pulled the clutch cover. the springs where 4mm shorter than the specs. the clutch and friction plates where a little warped. so i ordered a plate and spring set from rockymountainatvmc.com. i installed everything and started the bike up and the issue is still there. my next thought was that there might be something wrong with the push lever shaft. so i tried to pull that thing out, and it doesnt want to move more than a half inch out.

1. is there something at the bottom of the push lever shaft holding it in the hole that i need to remove so that i can remove the entire push lever shaft to inspect it?

2. does anyone have any suggestions to help me out with this issue so i can get my buddy back out on the dirt and riding with us?

thanks for your help.

I mostly just read on this site, but when i do post, i like to tell everyone how much i enjoy and appreciate this site. i spend hours on here every day reading and learning. thanks for all your knowledge and sharing it with all us rookies.

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I'd inspect every single piece to do with the clutch, including the primary driven gear (clutch basket), clutch boss (clutch center hub), and the thrust washer in between.

I'd use a new lock washer that you bend over the center nut flat.

I don't have any kind of clutch dragging issue with my 2009 WR-250F and never have (my clutch works perfectly normal), so whenever I read about this clutch dragging issue that seems so prevalent with other WRs, I'm curious, myself, as to what's causing it.

Let us know what the cause is once you find it. ­čśĆ

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when inspecting everything, should i be looking for certain things? i thought that i gave the basket and boss a good look down when i have the plates out, but if i need to be looking for something very specific, that would help.

my manual just tells me to look for scratches and abrasions. i did that, and found none. ill look again.

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