Anybody ever get white flakes in the oil filter?

I got little white flakes the size of a pencil lead and smaller in my oil filter. I cant figure out what the heck it is. Its not metal or dirt. I don't think there is any plastic in the engine.

Anybody have an idea what it could be?

Tannish whiteish goopy balls of sluge lookin stuff would be water in the oil, but I never heard of white flakes. You got me curious.

My best guess would be pieces of Yamabond gasket material. It is more off-white than white...

It could be aluminum flakes or shavings that have oxidized. Has the bike sat around fro a long time before this last oil check? :)

Do you lean over the filter to check it? Could be dandruf.

:) Ha Ha, he just tore you up!!!!!!!!

See I told you there was nothing wrong with your motor.

Try a search for flakes in the oil, this topic has been brought up before.

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