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Sore Butt..need some ideas..

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So some of yinz may have seen some threads i posted sayin about my bike has a tailbone terrorizing seat on it.. yah..ive noticed most bikes do unless ya buy a cruiser or sport bike..

i gotta 90 xt350, seat sucks (just like all stock seats usually) i been doin alot of reading on Modding the seat by removing some material to level seat out, then cradle it and smooth it all up and finally recover it.

Problem is, im kinda worried about totally screwin it up hardcore! lol (that'd be my luck) When it comes to wrenching on stuff, i aint to worried. OR fabbing stuff, that i aint worried about either. but as far as making something Comfortable..yah.. i got NO exeperience in that field.

ive also tried lookin up aftermarket seats..Pricetags are expensive, but i cant find a seat that'll fit my bike.. (figures..) so either way..screwed again... What do yinz suggest?

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Lot's of the iron butt riders swear by these.


I put one on my XR650L. I like it.

That looks like a nice cover. I put a "Pro Pad" gel cover on my DR650 about half way into a 4100 mile trip. Wish I would have got one before I even started. ­čśĆ The Pro Pad only covers the front (driver) half of the seat and cost more then the one you have.

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