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1,300 off road tickets since 2008?

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From http://www.seattlepi.com/local/423536_tickets16.html?source=rss

By Friday, the Licensing Department confirmed that the error encompasses the new cell phone law, the texting law, off-road driving restrictions added in 2008 and a few other traffic laws - including one that requires car speakers to be secured properly.

About 1,700 invalid tickets have been issued for cell phone use and roughly 1,300 for off-road vehicle violations such as off-roading in a restricted area or lack of proper off-road permits.

And yet this article suggests they were ALL issued between June 10 and July 1 - 2010 assumedly........ Eh, something is up and I don't think it's their reporting acumen either. :cheers:

The other point is we lost NOVA funds (due to theft) yet they had enough cash to fund this enforcement in either two years or less than a month? Odd at best. ­čśĆ :smirk:

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So they are saying the off road tickets are being thrown out just like the cell phone ones?

Correct, but unsure of even when the tickets were written due to the conflicting dates reported in the two articles. ­čśĆ

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