Need to knows??

Hi all I recently purchased a used 08 YZ450f from my local dealer and I am just after some advice? The bike seems to be in good condition and runs really well. I only trail ride in the local forestry with mates. That consists of about 2-3 hrs straight riding. I service the bike every 10 hrs and use fuchs silkolene comp 4 synthetic oil. I am just wondering what to do to keep this bike running reliable and hard the way it is now. How often to get valves checked, any necessary mods for trail? I had an old 99 yz400f that had never been looked after and just seemed to break down every time i went out so just trying to avoid that situation again haha :smirk: I noticed after last ride some oil streaks down the back of the front wheel fender. Looks like it may be from the steering stem?? That cant be good. Any ideas? All help will be much appreciated? :smirk:

hey mate,i have the same bike.ive got mine set up for woods riding.hand guards,full skid plate,oring chain,hd tubes,etc.i do the same routine on mine,oil change 10hrs,air filter clean 2-3 rides.adjusted valves after break in,still ok after 30 hrs.the oil you refer to is steering stem melts after a while.that probably shows that its been repacked,which is great,mine was almost bone dry on the bottom should check all grease points,and re-grease the bike.

Probably not oil streaks at all, but gas from the vent line. A bit of that is entirely normal.

and if you really want you valves to last, don't get on a 3 ride schedule for your air filter. I play it by ear. If I ride in really dusty area or race I will clean the air filter each ride. Pain in the butt, but I will not run a dusty filter.

Thanks alot ppl for the fast response! I have done about 20 hrs on the bike so far and it still starts, sounds and feels the same as when i got it. Is there any indication to when valves are in need of a check? or should i just take it to the shop for a once over, find out where the valves are at and begin a schedule from then?

I had another look at the steering stem and there is a couple of runs of oil down the frame too. Not heaps. Must be a combination of fuel aswell. Didn't think of that lol.

A very good idea with the air filter maintenance as it is a quick and easy process. If it is going to prolong the life of the valves then it is definately worth the time.

I also noticed in the manual it says the seat hieght should be 990mm but i only have about 930mm. I am thinking the guy before me was a shorter guy and had the suspension worked on. I am 6'2 and 90 kg so prob need to get that looked at? Any way of making the seat height higher with the suspension i have? Thanks again.

Get a tall seat.

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