US Bound - SuperMotard event!!!!!!

Hey guys,

I will be in the US this thursday!!! :)

There is a SuperTT event at ButtonWillow this coming sunday, the 10th of December. I will be borrowing a friends bike and bringing my wheels from Australia. We will be spending friday night prepping the bike and I will be travelling down to Button Willow Saturday morning and spending the night there.

Anybody interested in cming along for the event? Let me know as I will have space for 2 people. Would love the company....

See you all this week. Also, I will be available next Tuesday night (12th of December) for a few drinks at the Marin Brewing Company......

Send me an email at for further details.


Next Tuesday.... Are you going to shave the legs & wear that cute black number?

I could be convinced to be there - anybody else?


Brian, forget the little black number you want that stretchy hot-pink outfit with the matching heels, oops I guess having said that Mitch won't want take me along as his pit crew :):D

Only raggin you Mitch go show those yankies how Doohan does corners!!

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Cool !!

Always nice to see somebody you "know" compete in an event that will be covered by Cycle News.

Pro Dirttracker Dan Stanley kicked everybodies ass here a while ago in the last rount of the Super TT series promoted round by Cycle World's Don Canet.

Stanley did it on a CR500 with 19" dirttrack tires.... Hope he shows'em again!

Good luck Mitch.

So Mitch,

You ARE coming to New England, RIGHT??

Like Boston, Massachusettes??

Originally posted by splint:

Only raggin you Mitch go show those yankies how Doohan does corners!!

[This message has been edited by splint (edited 12-05-2000).]

I reckon that Gary Mc'Coy has taken over from Mick Doohan in the corner department, he rides like know one else in the 500cc class.


RodH Canberra, Australia<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

400 Thumpers Australia</A>

2000 WR400F See Photo's and Modifications

I agree Rod but "show'em how McCoy does corners " just does'nt have the same ring as 'Doohan does corners' or 'Debbie does Dallas'

D :):D:

McCoy corners like nobody else?

About seven "nobody elses" finished ahead of him in the points chase.

So how did Mitch do out there in Cali..??

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