Dens Dirt vs Michigan DMV

This message is for all that replied to my post regarding getting my WR426 Street legal. Well today was the day for the inspection and the local authorities approved the bike for a road title. I am now sporting my cycle plate on the bike to get to the trails. Thanks for all the help everyone gave. Easter weekend I'm going to Cadillac Michigan to do some heavy trail riding. :D

See you on the trails!!!

Dennis :)

Congratulations Dennis.

Did they check your tires, horn, hi beam ?

Surprising Olsen he didn't. I hit the horn and highbeam light for him. The police officer was more interested in the VIN number. But he never bothered looking at the meats. Maybe he did but I didn't see it. After all of the sweating I did about the whole thing it was relativily easy getting the bike road legal in Michigan. Just alot of BS to do it.


How are the trails around Cadilac?

I rode in Leota last weekend, the terrain was 50% snow/ice and 50% dirt. Lots of water also.

Easter weekend we'll be riding around Lewiston, hopefully most of the snow has melted there.

I talked with a freind of mine who lives up there. He was telling all the snow was gone. I'm a little west of Cadillac. More like Irons. But the snow is gone there also. This will be an experience for sure. If It's to bad I'll take the four wheeler for a spin.If you like i'll post it when I return. Ever been to Big Air in Newago?



Yes, please reply when you return, and I'll do the same.

No, I haven't been to Big Air in Newago, is it a track or trails or what? I'd like to try it, although being new to a Thumper, the term "Big Air" scares me a little :)


Its a track. The jumps there are scary as hell to me. I thought I would try it with the WR this year. I ran my YZ there last year. I'll let you know about the conditions Monday.


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