TDC question

I read in MXA that it's a good idea to bring the piston to TDC after you shut it off, so it closes the valves. My question is how do you bring it to TDC ? Do you just need to kick the engine through to the hard spot and pull in the compression release lever and kick it through the additional 1/4 inch or ? Thanks for your help.

Once you get to that hard spot, you are at compression....all valves are closed, which is what you want. Stop there and you're good.

A friend of mine made a good point on this subject. He said that our bikes generally stop at TDC when you kill them so making a point of doing this is not that big of an issue. Generally I think he is right.

Paul: Generally...that is what I have found. But, since I am a FANATIC about putting my engine at TDC EVERYTIME I kill the engine, I've discovered that it doesn't always end up at TDC. Apparently, sometimes, the piston hits the compression and then bounces back a few degrees of crank rotation so that you end up at somewhere between exhaust and compression. At 12.5:1 compression, there is quite a resistance if the inertia doesn't carry the piston thru compression. The compression really acts as a spring. I agree that MOST of the time, the piston ends up at TDC.

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