Yamaha WR450F Graphics (Picture)

Just wanted to ask people what you all think of my graphics? Do they look better than standard? Cheers people


Definitely look better than boring ole stock one's!! Where did you buy them and how much?

do these pants make my butt look fat?

do these pants make my butt look fat?

I dont understand

I dont understand

He's implying you're fishing for complements like a women would. Anyway, nice bike dude!

I personally don't like monster graphics, especially on yamaha's. But, those do add some spice to the bike. I like the number plate.

looks stupidity.. that crap belongs on a kawi, not a yami. why people pay for this junk to give these companys free advertising is beyond me.

Because they obviously have more money than you and your just jealous. Nice grammar too son.

Partially agree but a change in appearance is nice

Great remarks! Yep, it is a “does my butt look big question!" That's funny! I agree with the advertizing comment as well. Never have been big on that free advertizing thing, even if it's a product I like or don't like. As for standing out from the rest, I'm all about that, how boring if everyone drove plain blue fords! I've been looking at them for a while. I like the BRM graphics kits. I'm looking at the "mean bike" look! Personally as hot as our rides are I think they deserve a more aggressive look. Anyone got any other photo's of their bikes and graphics that are hot?

Very nice looking graphics

Monster energy sponsers riders in the Moto GP...Colin edwards??? he is Yamaha

Are you spondered by Monster?

Yes I am

I don't belive in paying people so they can have free advertising.

Still looks good though, no question about that

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