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05 YFZ450 Motor Help, Indy Area

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I have a 05 model that has been bullet proof for years. It has a full FMF ti pipe and a Dynojetr stage 1 fit. A few weeks ago it flat out stalled when I was riding around the block just putting alond in 1st gear so it could warm up and I could get out of the plat to the woods I ride in. It stalled so hard and sudden I almost went over the bars, keep in mind Iwas going like 5 mph. Anyway, I cold not get it to restart for shit. Went as far as replacing plug and getting another carb off e-bay to see if something was wring which it was not. It will start and idle fine, but after ridding a few minutes it will have a pulse effect and backfire then just flat die. I can restart after a few min, but something is wrong. Like I said, I went through carbm replaced carb with another one and nothing helpd. I also have had it at the dealer for 2 weeks and at first they said it was the carb, and was jetted wroing. I took them in the origional kit with instructions and they changed there mind quiclky. But, not they are thinking electrical. It feels like a power poulse or loading up when acceleating in 1st. Then continues to run like shipp. HELP, I am in Indy area. even though it is an 05 model, it does not have alot of hours, plus I am orgional owner

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