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Rear m/c issues???

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Last fall I had no rear brake. I took the m/c apart, cleaned, put new fluid in, reassembled and it was good. Rode 4 good weekends with no problems. Memorial day I had no rear brake again. Flushed rear brake with new juice, and they seem fine again.


Is this normal?

Am I just hard on the back brake?

The fluid I had used in the fall was newer, but opened, maybe coulda been contaminated with h20?

Could this be a sign of a m/c issue? The fluid did have some yuck in it.

Could this be a sign of a slave issue?

Anywho; it works now, just thinking this is kinda strange and maybe I have an issue.

Side note..... We havent had a good AFT or mix ratio debate in awhile.....

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for a quik check try n push the caliper over on its mount, maybe use a tool to pry it over slowly pushing the piston back in. Then see if it pumps up and the brakes work again. If this works then there is air in the line, maybe from a bad MC, didnt really get it all out to begin with, etc. What year is the bike? 05 had a burr in the MC and needed a fix on many of the bikes.

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