Radiator braces/guards

Any suggestions for the ones that take the most abuse....had Devols and they failed my crash test miserably(glad Mylers exists :)). Got a set of Works Connection in hand but they look pretty flimsy? Was looking at Flatlands but the pic is from the side so hard to tell? Any other options? This scooter hits the ground on a regular basis with me on board so I need to practice "safe-Crash&Burn" and ride protected!

I use Devols guards with Works Connection braces. You can beat the hell out of them and your radiator is protected. I mount the Works units over the Devols outside end and bolt them together. Some cutting and fitting is required but the strength is unbeatable! I fell over on a cut 24" diameter log this year and all the weight of me and my bike was on the side impact on the radiator. I had to take apart the guarding and restraigthen the bent guarding at home. But the radiator survived the brutal hit. :)

FlatLand has my vote. Very Strong and great protection.

Flatlands fit my bike much better than the devols.

Thanks for all the input.Flatlands are looking to be the guards of choice so far. Glad the Works braces didn't get unwrapped yet. :)

Another vote for Flatlands! They use just a smidge thicker aluminum than the Devols and the back brace is welded on instead of bolted on. Reasonable shipping charges and very prompt. Mine fit really well, very pleased thus far. :)

How about a link to those flatlands guards, I could really use some too!


You guys are all missing the point. Flatland and Devols have the same weakness. The single rinky dink rear bracket welded or bolted is not enough for heavy side impact protection. They both offer good front protection but keep in mind the WR450 has the widest radiator Yamaha has ever put on the off road four strokes. It is vulnerable to side impact damage. I am disappointed in all the aftermarket offerings but have managed to integrate two different designs to work together. Happy crashing. :)

I don't know how soon you want to get a pair, but I have a buddy I ride with, he's also a TT member who has started designing his brand of radiator guards. Do a username search for unabiker, and take a look at the guards he has for the DRZ line. I currently have a set on my 99 WR400. Using them as a prototype. Have officially crash tested them this weekend. Held up very well (I crash alot). Anyway, now that they have been proven, I just need to get them back to unabiker (Brian) so that he can get them into production. They are very cool, and durable as hell. It seems like the DRZ guys are loving them.

I scraped along the side of a hill with my Flatlands, and the radiator did not get pushed back. The guard was bent a little bit, the plastic got thrashed, but the radiators are fine....

I will agree with you on that Indy, the combo you are running seems to be the best of both worlds. A solid guard that also has bracing that doesn't run perpendicular to the frame and attaches at 2 points on the side of the radiator. The downside is that one has to buy 2 sets of guards.

Have you noticed any cooling issues with the Works brace back there?

Indy do you have any problems with it overheating. Or do you just ride real fast. :)

No over heating issues yet but it has not reached summer yet. I hear from the desert guys that the guarding does not

effect cooling significantly. I think running heavy mud at low speeds on a hot summer to be the hardest on the bike. This is where your jetting can save your engine. Rich jetting down low is best for those conditions. I am switching to water wetter this month and will go back to antifreeze mix in the fall. It works great on my R1 with digital engine coolant temperature gauge.

See what you mean now about the hybrid guards.....Flatlands look no better than Devols(welded instead of bolted, but same weakness') so I will morph Flatlands with Works and get the best protection for front side and rear. Thankfully, my job gives me access to aircraft certified TIG welders so they will be strong as well as pretty! :) BTW, Cycle Gear has all Works Connection at 35% off right now so the shot of the double-buy won't hurt as bad.

Zip-Ty :) Racing now sells rad braces that are even stronger and better vented...

The best way to deal with this is to send the unbent radiators to mylars. Terry can make the rads look like they rolled out of the Yamaha works department. Sweet looking corner braces and welded joints. The cost is reasonable. The trick factor is up there!

Personally, he told me he likes the works connection braces. He refused comment on anything else.

Bluethunder I am would be interested in the details of your failure/crash? I have used Devol on my last 5 bikes with no issues.....but I am just a Wank with no big crashes but if there is a weakness I would like to hear baout it. :)

What Blue Thunder and I are talking about is hard side impact protection. You can only get that with a dual set up like mine or the one he is building. I use the Works Connection brace attached to the Devols for great side impact protection. You have to see it to understand how much stronger it is. The only way to go in my opinion. :)

SMD..I am a wank WITH big crashes... :) As Indy mentions, I am trying to protect from a hard hit directly to the side of my rads. My last get-off was a 5th gear pinned on unknown trail, crest the next mound, oh damn that's a big @ss crater(3 ft. deep) spanning the entire width of the trail lined with pines, maybe I can ride it out cause I'm definitely not gonna stop in time, nope...too deep to clear the opposite side of the trench.....eject,eject,eject!!!!!!!!!! Bike took a hard shot to the side and folded the Devol like origami and the rads. side bracing resembled my trucks leaf springs arch. This shot finally did in the Devols but I think the design lacks strength so enter the hybrid guard. Only concern will be if the combo lessens airflow through the fins but I don't think it will. Will see next time I'm climbing the mile long hillclimbs in the WA Cascade range on a 90 deg. day.

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