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Samurai Jim's clutch perch

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I've been watching the wheelie lesson video and I am curious about the ASV clutch lever and perch. I've been searching the threads but haven't found the answer.

I am looking for a little less effort to pull the clutch lever on my bike (arthritis) and the clutch perch on Samurai Jim's DRZ looks like it puts the lever further away from the bars than stock so he can really use one or two fingers to pull the lever. I already tried a stock DRZ400 perch and Zeta lever, and they fit, but the perch does not move the pivot point far enough away from the handlebar. In the video it looks like the clutch perch puts the lever pretty far out there.

Can anyone look at the video around 1:20 and tell me what clutch perch he is using? It doesn't look like any stock DRZ perch to me.


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