Black Wheels ???

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my wheels black........

other than the obvious......buying......LOL

how much are new ones anyway?

should I try a body shop for paint or maybe

Powder coating?

How much $ are we talking for any ideas you guys have?

any suggestions are welcome.


ride BLUE

there's a price list here.....


I believe that's just the rim, no hub/spokes so it will get pricy!!!

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WOW !!!!!!

I new rims were expen$ive but........Holy...

I was thinkin maybe a little cheaper.

Thx for the site TOX.

some cool stuff on there.

Any other ideas?

pwdr coat price?

paint last?




ride BLUE

Don't laugh but grill(you know the thing you cook on) paint works well and lasts a long time.

grill paint?!?! that is cool...and it actually works but for how long a couple of motos, and is is flat black or shiny?? This sounds to good to be true ...I mean i could have black rims for <10 bucks :) right??



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

Does it actually stick good?

do you need to "scuff" the wheels?

any primer?

give me a little more detail cuz' this sounds cheaper than 4bones!!!!


ride BLUE

yeah this sounds very interesting... and would give it a try if you could elaborate more! If you ever wanted to take if off could you (paint remover)? Thanks,



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

just buy the 80 dollar rear rim and the 70 dollar front one, then put the spokes from your on\ld ones on em, and the hubs too, then youll have black rims that wont ever fade. think of this...youll spend 10 bux per can for the black many cans will you go through a year? i say just suck it up and buy em. see just a big fan of NOT gaying everything up, if you get those rims wet, youll be roostin black paint right of your now charcoal loking rims. see ya later


where can you find a set of $150 rims?

everwhere i have looked they are between

$250 and $450?

suggestions are still open.....

i haven't painted them yet.........LOL


ride BLUE

actually rims are about 110 for the front and 110 for the rear (220 bucks total) I can think of things that I would rather have for my bike than rims! They dont help my bike at all (because they are excels too) except they make it look good) Think of this...An awesome looking bike in last place doesnt look as good as a crappy looking bike in first place :) Performance first then the looks this is what I think



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX


i already have nearly everything done to this beast as could be done to it without delving internal.



White Bro.

noleen header

air filter





any other suggestions?

don't mean to be sinical

please dont take it that way .......

but i just really love the looks of the black rims w/yellow/black plastics

Everyone, Boit hit it on the head. I anodized a set of stock rims black off a 96 CR250 and it came out killer. I think it cost me $50 for both. Just polish them up real pretty before you get it done. The better they are polished, the better they come out. 99% of everyone that saw the bike could not tell they were not originally black. I also did my hubs, upper fork tubes, and uppper and lower triple clamps. Unlike any paint, anodizing will not "wear off".


John E. Walker


Hey that anodizing sounds like a pretty good idea,i'm going to check out bussinesses in my area, gold hubs,rims,muffler,and triple clamps would look sweet and probibly not cost much either.Why couldn't a person do the upper fork tubes ?????????


Would anodizing the stock rims be an option? Seems that it would be much cheaper plus it's just what the rim makers use to get the different colors.

g4racing, I just got a set of blue execl rims with tallon hubs and bulldog spokes for a trade of factory wheels and $500 buks. I would say thats a prety good deal. "I think"

THUMPER POWER...........

Good idea. You can have just about anything anodized. Anodizing is much like just doesn't wash off.. :) If you live near a large city, you can locate an anodizer. My sons knew about this from the BMX shop that sponsored them. It's a very quick process as well....about 2 days.

When you took your wheels in how much of a pain in the butt was taking the spokes and hub out or did you have to do anyhing special? how bout' fork tubes? anything special to do?

How bout' the swing arm what do ya' think of that?!!!!!!

how much $$$$$$$$?


ride BLUE

just got off of tele w/anod/met coatings co.

They told me 1wk and 50bones both rims.

it will last as long as it is not exposed to prolonged sunlight such as storing the bike outside in the sunlight.

All except rim has to be removed.

lotsa' colors Too!!!!

did ask about swingarm but he said the uerethane coating wud have to be removed first and about $50 for that too.


ride BLUE


anyone know how hard or what i am delving into by removing hub/spokes?

Don't want to end up taking it to a dealer to get it put back together.!!!!

maybe some suggestions on secret techniques?

oh yeah should i maybe go ahead and change spokes while i am at it?????


ride BLUE

removing the spokes is not hard at all...but it is very time consuming and can be very nerve racking! You have to put the spokes in the way they came out...look at how the spokes go before you remove them and you will be fine (taking a picture or 2 might help also)! Hope this helps!



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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