Upper triple clamp question for 2002 WR426

Anyone know who makes an upper triple clamp for a fat bar, like the Pro-taper bars, that allows stock mounting for the WR odometer?

I have an Answer top clamp that accomodates the Pro Tapers although their bracketry for mounting the headlight assembly sucks. Think that the Applied clamps are set up for mounting your odo and they seem to be well thought through but I have yet to see one in person. Hope this helps.

im running the applied upper triple clamp with pro tapers. they come in several difrent colors and have an adjustabel bracket. i really like mine.

I used the ProTaper adaptor kit on the stock triple clamp at first... raised the bars up a bit as well... But then I got the Scotts one to go with the Steering Dampener, and that works fine as well... I have the adaptor kit still... it basically just bolts on top of your triple clamp, and then you bolt your bars up... it was like US$25 or 30 I think...

Good luck,


www.BRPIT.COM just specify WR not YZF and the top clamp will include an odometer bracket, they also have one for the WR450.

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