Water got a bit too deep

Yep, I screwed up a bit. My bike is a 2008 YZ 450F. I was riding a creek bed and hit a water crossing that got a little too deep. Long story short, the bike was completely submerged for about 4-5 seconds before I got it picked back up out of the water. :smirk: As I realized I wasn't going to make it, I grabbed the kill switch and got it killed. It drank some water for sure. I couldn't get it started. We had to tow it 2 miles back home and I tried bump starting it the whole way back. It would run but when I would try to give it any gas, it would bog and not want to rev up. How effed is it and what should I do to get the water out. I don't think it was much that got in but it was enough to make it not want to run anymore.

Pull the sparkplug,turn the bike completely over on the seat/handlebars,and manually crank the motor by hand,turn back over and spray WD 40 in cylindercrank over,turn upside down again and repeat,do this about 3-4 times,then change out any trans/case oils.This should get you going again.

The reason it won't take any throttle is due to water in the carb blocking the main jet, so you'll need to drain that as well. Drain the carb, and drain the tank, being sure to get as much as possible out. Pour a half pint of rubbing alcohol in the tank and slosh it. Drain that and pour in another half pint and this time turn the petcock on, filling the carb. Turn the gas off, fill the tank with fresh gas, drain some of whats in the carb, and refill with gas by turning the petcock back on. The alcohol should absorb all the water. It won't absorb dirt, unfortunately.

Drain the oil and change the filter. Refill with a premium engine oil of a very low viscosity. Start and run it for ten minutes, riding it only as much as necessary to keep it form overheating, then drain it again. Refill with your usual oil. It should be OK as long as there is no dirt inside. Water often comes with mud included, and if that's the case, a tear down is your only safe bet.

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