FMF good for the rec. thumper

Hey guys was wondering if any of you have any experince with FMF products. I was going to order the FMFIV s/a silencer and the power bomb header and was kind of courious what you people may have experienced with the companies products.


Myself, I have a White Bros.s/a But I do know FMF makes a good pipe. Most of FMF products are of good quality.I think White Bros. e-series is a tad quiter though.

I have heard they were a little on the loud side but the bikes are so loud anyway it really is not that big of a deal. I was really thinkning of the FMF because of the hp gain was fairly constant with no flat spots. From I have found it gives a min. 1-2 hp and up all the way across the rev range with a hard hit up towards the top. Similar situation with my streetbike and that was one reason I went with the pipe I did there; it had no flat spots. Might not be the most powerful but has no down sides.

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