DOT knobbies?

What are some good DOT knobbies. I am in the process of getting my xr650r legalized, but I do not want street tire because I do not want to sacrifice traction off road.

WHat should I get and where can I get it online. THe places here rip you off big time.

I really like the Dunlop D606 - not bad on the street, pretty good in the dirt. Wear isn't the greatest and they're not cheap, but I think they're worth the price of admission.

If you want to go cheaper, I've heard a lot of people say good things about the Kenda 760 - but haven't tried them myself yet.

Go with the K-760 Trakmaster II's from Kenda. I've been using them on my XRL650 and CR500 for three years now, and I find them great tires. Loud on the road. Very consistent when switching bikes.

dunlop d606 on the rear and a Dunlop 907 on the front. the 907 is probably to agressive if you are riding mostly tar but seems to wear and perform well on the dirt. both tires are dot.

I've been using the Dunlop D606's, they've been wearing well, can't tell you about the others, this is my first pair of DOT knobbies.

Cheapest place to get them might be

Running the Michelins front and the Pirelli MT21 rear... so far so good. The Pirelli seems to be on the soft side for street riding... got around 500 street miles on it and starting to show considerable wear... traction on both dirt and asphalt is exceptional. Go as wide as possible. The Michelin is starting to cup (prolly under braking forces) other than that seems to be holding up well... from the agressiveness of the tread you wouldn't guess that it's a DOT.. :)

First you have to know that all front pirelli tires are DOT even the motocross ones :D

I ride the kenda trackmaster II in the front of my WR 426f and it works good in the dirt, rocks and is not bad in sand... My partner has a 650r and he runs a 130 wide MT21 on the rear (of course...130!) and he is really happy with it. I can assure you that this tires grips well on most I follow him often, I always have to watch myself to try to avoid a potential throttle shot from him that would blast me totally with roost... :D He only noticed that it was not as effective as a real knobby in the deep dirt... but hey :), it is not a surprise for anybody: it's a dot tire... :D

I've run the Pirelli combinations below.

The Kenda Trackmaster rear is universally liked.

The Kenda Trackmaster front gets bad reviews.

I've never run the Dunlop 606, but a lot of riders like it.

95% dirt

Front: Pirelli MT18 (looks like a Dunlop 756)

Rear: Kenda Trackmaster II 760

80% dirt

Pirelli MT21 front and rear

(I like these better than the stock Dunlop 490 & 695)

Less dirt

Dunlop 606

I've ran both the Kendra and the D606 on the rear, and from my experience the Kendra is far superior on any off-road application. The Kendra is just a little less stable on asphalt than the D606, but it still does pretty good. As far as the front, I have a D606 and it hooks up pretty good. I've heard very good things about the Pirelli MT-18 and MT-32 for the front.


The Kenda works better out here than any of the other DOT knobbies. The only problem with the Kenda is that it chunks badly in the rocks. It hooked up pretty well but I only got about 400 miles out of it. I found the Dunlop 606 to be just plain dangerous in really nasty conditions but it does work ok on the road. A good combo to try is the Pirelli MT18 front MT16 rear. They hook up on everything and wear well. The MT16 rear is not DOT approved but just Dremel off the NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE and show the inspector the DOT symbol on the front tire.

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