00 426 clutch baskets all equal???

Hi guys!

I was removing my 00 426 clutch basket earlier today, in a off-season check-up, in search of cracks, and to my surprise, my basket is sring dampened?? I expected rubber dampers like the YZ 250 hinson basket swap i've seen in an earlier MXA mag. Are all 426 are spring dampened??? or is it a difference between US models and Canadian models??

By the way I haven't seen any crack, I even make an NDT dye check on it, it's in perfect shape, so i'll keep it in place. maybe i'm just lucky or we had and upgraded model here in Canada.


I think they are all spring dampened Dan.I know mine was and my new one is too.The only problem with keeping the old one in is if it breaks the parts are going into the tranny.Then the only way out is a tear down to insure no pieces are left in the bottom.

They are all spring dampened - there is only one part number.

I replaced mine (on '00 426) with a Hinson even though it looked in perfect shape, because the Hinson has slots in the tangs to provide a little more oil to the plates, but it didn't completely eliminate chatter. The Hinson basket also has a reputation for being very durable.

I've recently done some grinding and polishing on the clutch push rods in order to get even more oil to the plates. After one race, it still works perfectly (smooth, no chatter), but I'll ride it for a couple of months before I declare the problem solved.

When the cluch was grabby, I'd do starts in first gear with great results. Then when I had the clutch working properly (last weekend), I started in first and was nearly last to the first corner :). Possibly, second gear starts are necessary with a properly operating clutch. Or maybe I was having an "off" day.

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Yep...2nd gear starts are the ticket. Once you get it nailed, it'll scare ya! Judicious use of the clutch for the conditons(loam, dry, mud), and you will wonder where those other guys are.

Get that Hinson basket or get a new

engine, the stock baskets are **** !!!

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