2010 YZ 3rd gear broken?

This is not my bike, it happened to a friend of mine at the track today. 2010 YZ450F. Racing Supermoto.

He said he was coming onto the main straightaway, and shifted up into 3rd gear and heard/felt a bad crunching noise. In the next corner he downshifted into 3rd expecting to use some engine braking, but the motor completely freewheeled, as if it was in neutral. He pulled off the track. Now the bike runs and shifts normally, except 3rd gear doesn't engage at all.

Does anyone know what may have broken in the transmission? Is this a common problem on this bike? Thanks for any info.

Sounds like third is broken. No, it's not common.

Does your friend run a slipper clutch? If hes not running a slipper on asphalt thats a good way to launch the tranny doing sumo or he probably banged it down from 5th to 3rd on a high speed corner and with all the traction launched it.

Its funny that you mention it between my 06 and 08 and my buddies 06-09 yammies doing sumo when doing full on throttle upshifts from 3rdto4th and 4th to 5th they are super notchy real hard to get up in gear without using alot of clutch. My buddy got a graves ignition with the ignition cut off switch that cuts the motor out for a split second, when i rode his bike on the main straight away at rd america his bike i pulled 88 mph and mine 75 mph. the thing makes shifting butter i can be fully tapped out on the throttle, no clutch no backing off and shift from 2nd to 5th in like 1-2 seconds. Friggin amazing and my gps laptimer shows the difference and even shows my shifts on my bike where his there is a smooth line, no hesitation. fuggin trick!

Thanks, Gray.


Yes, he does run a slipper. That's good to know about the Graves ignition. I hate the way my bike (08 YZ450) upshifts at full throttle. You think it's worth the $350? http://www.gravesport.com/Graves-Motorsports-Yamaha-YZ450F-Digital-Programmable-Ignition-Module.html

Jason, it is totally worth it it makes it so easy to upshift as you know they are notchy as hell.

I dont know if the link will work but here is the graph from my gps laptimer, awesome tool, free software all you need is a windows mobile device with gps or a gps receiver thats bluetooth to tie them together.


Pm me if you ahve any questions about it. i can email you all the details. you can get a old pda for like $20 on ebay and gps receiver from 20-60$ and your golden.

No, it's not worth it... shifting is worse. :cheers:

TNat! Ixnay ethay ignitionway alktay :smirk:

Dont beleive this a-hole this is the a-holes bike that im talking about, hes the one that rear ended may butt at about 45mph at rd americas long 90mph straightaway. you stalkin me sct? :smirk:

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