Type of wrench for wr426 fork lock nut?

I have a 02 wr426 and I'm doing the fork seals. Do I have to get a special type of wrench (thinner) to use on the lock nut while I loosen the fork cap nut? Also what size? I have looked around in my reference material and can't find any info. My goal is not to buy a Yamaha tool.

Thanks in advance

its a thin 17mm..you can grind a spare 17mm wrench down...

Oh man, thanks, I don't no why I didn't think of that. It must be late. Thanks again

My standard thickness Craftsman works just fine.

If you spin the fork springs around you will find a spot with clearance to get a standard wrench in.

I ended up buying a set from home depot for $7. They are called "tool box set" wrenches and are thin profile so there was no resistance. Thanks

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