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Replacing the rear shock springs

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I'm rebuilding a 1986 Honda TLR200 street/trials bike so I can tool around the woods.

I removed the two rear shocks this weekend and found that one shock seems way stronger than the other. They are the rather simple spring and piston type. Showa / Honda #52400-kj2-671 discontinued by Honda.

Both were set to the highest spring setting but one I can compress maybe .25" (pushing down on the garage floor with my 150 pounds) and the other maybe 1.5". One is very tight and the other not so.

Question: I'd rather not have to spend $400 or more for new 3rd party shocks if all I need are two new springs but how can I tell that for sure?

BTW: Honda no longer offers the parts for these so if anyone has a source for the springs I'd appreciate knowing.

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