What's your favorite tire?

It's time for some new tires. My favorite rear tire so far has been the IRC VE33 because it lasts a pretty long time. I am also thinking of replacing the front becuase it sucks in the sand. Maybe a VE35? I need tires that don't suck in the sand, but hold up really well in rocks. I ride lots of both. I also hear good things about the michelin s12, but it looks like rocks would shread it real quick. Maybe 10 minutes on my bike?

What's your favorite tire for desert riding? thanks :)

I just put on a IRC VE 40 today. I am going on a long ride tomorrow. I'll let you know how it is.

The Michelin M12's are good on rocks. M12 front/ S12 rear work well for most desert guys on this forum. :)

I don't get it. It has such little bitty knobs that are really far appart. I'd put money on me just taking all of them off in about 10 minutes in the rocks. :):D

How's the life on the s 12 compared to the 739?

The Knobs on the M12 are larger. The S12's are made of a hard compound and last a long while. In general the Hard terrain tires are soft for grip and need larger knobs. Where as soft trerrain tires have harder rubber to keep the knobs rigid and allow more space between knobs for sand and mud traction. I hear the AT739 desert model is a good lasting tire. I hated the stock 739's.

I ride mostly rocks and coal dust here in PA. I've tried the M12 rear and it hooked up well, had a very predictable slide in turns and lasted 2 rides. The VE33 was also good but didn't have a good bite. 756's are awesome but only lasted 4 rides. Maxxis IT is the BOMB. this tires is working great and outlasting the others. OH yea, M12 up front.

not so many rocks, winter here but the s12 is outlasting the 756, the m12 the mt 32 and the mt 320 (mistaken choice). It seems better for the soft stuff and longer lasting....... but I'm still not convinced of the front. An mh2/ms2 is better I think.

S-12 S-12 S-12....eats up rocks, sand, mud, pavement whatever you throw at it. I ride it all....and hard. This tire has over 500 miles on it and still hooks up like new!!! Run the 140-80-18 it will last the longest. :)

I run the VE33 and after wearing out a Dunlop 733, I will get another. Super bite in the mud, 750 miles or more of use and it still grips. A good tire for the 50-60 dollar price range. M-12 works well in the front. Oregon mud and clay- no sand use for me.


THe Maxxis IT is the best tire for the money in the SLC area. It is Rocky Mountain MCs best seller. They last a long time and my friend wins races on them.

I have been running the Maxxis IT in rocks, roots, granite, etc. North california and this tire kicks a$$ My budies run the s -12 and to be honest I think the wear on the maxxis is a bit better and even when it is worn slightly it still hooks up like brand new. I have 500+ single track miles on mine and I don't notice one bit of traction loss. :)

And when it is worn out you can use it for bait.

Nice fish!

michelin s-12 front and rear all year long

I run the S12 also. It's been a really muddy spring and summer hear in West Virginia and this tire really gets me where I want to go in the woods. It putts the stock tire to shame. :)

I just bought a set of Maxxis for my Vegas to Reno race next week... After a 900 mile ride last weekend the only tire that looked almost new were my buddies Maxxis tires.... I bought the set for $90.00 at Chapparal, not too shabby.. I'll let you know how it goes...


After a 900 mile ride last weekend


900 miles in one weekend? Cumawn!!! :D

Actually I rode that 900 mile loop too! but had to DNF when my muffler bearing blew out..... :D

I'm with CISCO on the S12 front and rear. Another thing my riding buddy noticed was that even as the knobs start to wear, they stay relatively square. My rear is probably 1/2 worn after about a dozen or so 50 - 80 mile rides, but it still hooks up great.

I have some chunking in the front and rear from sharp rocks but not too bad and traction is not noticably affected.

The IRC VE 40 worked pretty well. Put down 130 miles of single track with sharp rocks, big roots, creek crossings and snow. I was happy with it. I dont understand how you guys get so many miles out of your rears. I have about 800 miles on my bike and this is my 4th rear, and I replace em when there is about a quarter inch of center tread left.

M-12 front, S-12 rear. No complaints. 6 rides on this set and the rear is almost due. But I would buy another set.


...the S12 front and rear... My rear is probably 1/2 worn after about a dozen or so 50 - 80 mile rides, but it still hooks up great.

A dozen 50-80 mile rides...? Wow, I am lucky to get four 50-60 mile rides out of an S12 before it chunks to bits under the torque of the WR450... I can maybe squeeze 7 rides out of the Maxxis IT, which is my current tire of choice mainly because of replacement cost: $45 for rear and $38 for the front from www.rockymountainatv.com.

I run the IRC VE33 in the winter, you can get the 5.10x18 for about $45 at RMATV.

Anyone try the Kings tires yet...? I like the price!

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