Tank & Shroud ???

I have a 98fyz400 and want to replace worn off stock graphics... I checked out MXSOUTH.COM and found some factoreffex oem graphics for $29.99 they show the 98,99,00 & 01 graphics and I am wondering if the tank and shrouds are the same year to year or close enough that the graphics will inner change? I am opting for the cheap oem kit along with fender and fork kits to dress it up.. I am not going for a tank/shroud seat combo as I think I will go with a plain gripper seat in the future. I don't have enough time on dirt bikes to know if I even want a gripper vs plain.. Plus I am cheap.. :)


Tom N.

I have had ’99 graphics on my ’00, and even had a pair of ’99 shrouds crammed on their for awhile (I got sent the wrong part and couldn’t get the stock shrouds off my old tank), so any YZF graphics should fit your ’98.

Oh wait, I just saw that you have an FYZ, that is an entirely different model… (I know its not fair to bash typos, but I’m bored. You will have ample opportunities to retaliate, I’m sure :) ).

I love my gripper seat but they are not necessarily the hot setup for off-road, some guys think they exacerbate that monkey butt phenomenon on long rides. I don’t have this problem (knock wood), the gripper saves me a lot of energy. I also have taller, softer seat foam and with the gripper my butt stays firmly planted up near the tank even if I’m really on the gas. Although I’ve never really suffered from arm-pump either (k.w.) IMO a gripper seat could potentially help if this is bothering you (if you ride it like a thighmaster).

For moto I have no opinion, but gripper seats seem to be more popular for MXers. Seat covers are another one of those things that someone (else) MUST be getting rich off of, but I heard that SoCalDecal had relatively inexpensive seat covers. I have an N-Style, it was not cheap.

Hope this helps!

BTW another benefit to the solid gripper covers is they are much easier to install (they stretch).

Actually I think I do have a different model.. I bought my yz used and the gas tank on it seams huge... I had a couple of people comment on it infact.. It almost makes me wonder if the prev. owner didnt put a WR tank on it.. I don't know... Any way to check? The previous owner is not avail. I bought it from a dealer who bought it from a dealer.. Good thing I only paid $2800 for it.. then I put another $1200 in it for motor work... Great ride now..

Anyway I spend too much time thinking about my bike and want to ride!!! Any one have pictures of their bike they can post so I can compare the tank size in appearance or know of a way I can tell if mine has a YZ tank on it or something else... whew how was that for a run on sentence?

Peace - Out!

I think most aftermarket tanks use their own cap, so if it has the stock cap then maybe it IS a WR tank, but that means you have a WR seat as well since they go together. Stock YZ tank holds like 2.1 gallons, WR tank I’m not sure, but it is more than 3.

Ty Davis Tank

IMS Tank

Acerbis Tank

Acerbis on bike

Stock YZ

Stock WR

Look at the size of the insulation for the fuel line on the Ty Davis Tank. I looks like a spark plug boot. Also I like the fuel level marks on the gas tank.


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hick thanks for the post.. based upon the picks you put on there it does appear that I have a WR tank and seat on my YZ.. The bike had bark busters on it when I got it so maybe the previous owner was an enduro/trail rider and wanted the extra gas..

The serial numbers match a yz and so does the gear ratio's but I think I will look to see what sproket combo is on it compared to stock.

If I go back to the yz tank it looks like I will have to get a new seat too... any suggestions out there on where to yet a stock yz seat and gas tank? Should I just buy after market on both?


I have 99 graphics on my oo 426 they fit perfect except I had to trim around the bottom shroud bolt hole a small amount, only 1/4". They were factory effects brand.

He probably swapped parts with a WR owner, who was likely more than happy to lose that in-your-lap tank. For a stock capacity tank Yamaha may be your only source. IMS does make a YZ-style seat, you may try Aloop as well.

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