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PWK airstriker issue

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Eddie, or another intelligent source, a good answer please.

My friend and I recently installed airstrikers on our Suzukis, and are having one small issue. When the bikes are started cold with the choke, they both rev rediculously high. Both bikes are in good mechanical condition, they were both jetted properly( throttles marked,each circuit dialed individually,75degrees 65% humidity) My 96RM250 has a 55pilot, R1468D needle(2nd clip pos.) 175 main. The 93RMX has 58 pilot, DDJ needle, and a 172 main. Both bikes run 92 octane fuel mixed with ProCastor 927, at 32to1, with 3oz. per gal. Maxima Hightest. We ride in the state of Michigan where we have a lot of sand. If I reinstall the old PJs the bikes do not do this, but then they wont idle either. The airstrikers are a awesome carb, except for this one glitch. Sudco, and CPW have very generic if not insulting answers. I hope I have given you everything.Thanks John

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