Lots of Metal Shavings and Little Oil during last service

Just changed the oil on my '07 450. I would say I got less than a quart out and it had an alarming amount of shavings in it. I've owned the bike since new, changed the oil regularly, never had the valves adjusted. Bike seems to be running a little rough now. What should I be looking out for?

Were the shavings steel or aluminum?

How would you describe them? (slivers, flakes, etc.)

It was looking more like aluminum slivers

And what percent more than the normal amount of aluminum slivers would you say it was?

I feel some learnin' comin'...

Far more than standard, I was immediately concerned by the amount I saw. If I had to put a number on it.....5x's more?:smirk:

The most common source of a lot of aluminum is something like a disengaged snap ring or other loose object in the clutch housing area. The piece gets stuck between one of the gears and rubs on the cases.

It may not be there, but it's likely that type of thing, if not on the right side, then possibly around the flywheel. Rarely, the retaining plate screws on the main bearing plates have come loose and the crank drags them against the cases.

Normally, something like that produces a LOT of metal shed, though. I'd do an inspection of the right side first, then go from there.

You're the man, Thanks Gray...I'll dive in and see what I find.

I feel some learnin' comin'...


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