1999 clutch basket

i keep hearing about people cracking the clutch baskets on the 426 did any of you have that problum with the 1999 yz400 baskets? i know the 426 clutch it self is stronger but what about the basket ? i'm asking because i just installed a 426cyl and a 95mm piston and had the head ported on my 1999 yz400. the basket looks fine (no cracks) but you guys are making me nerous should i buy a hison?

You are exerting more hp/torque on the stock basket by increasing your displacement. In my opinion, if you are willing to go to that expense to increase the output, invest in a basket that can handle it. Yamaha had the engineering expertise to recognize that going from 400cc to 426cc facilitated a stronger clutch.....hence, they added an extra plate. Why scrimp here? You may have to fit a wider cover to allow for extra clutch plate clearance...if possible. Don't over look this possible snafu.

It seems to me that all the problem baskets are the redesigned ones on the 426's. There are no reports of porblems with baskets on the the 98's and 99's. Perhaps Yamaha was a little hastey on the redesign? I for one would leave well enough alone. How does the saying go? If it aint broke don't fix it!

Or replace it with something that has been proven to be suspect.


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