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Exhaust question....94 db?

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I need my drz 400 to make 94db..............

stock motor

Is the stock exhaust the only one that will get that quiet?

I do not want to use the stock s exhaust....

I could buy an e exhaust or I could snag a power bomb header and get the stock s muffler expanded to fit?

I want more power but need to meet 94db for the local club rides...

I really just want to say screw it and get the MRD/SSW, But I don't wanna switch exhausts all the time when I want to ride trails blahhh.....

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I thought the stock s/sm exhaust is 88db is it not.......

Mine wasn't.

All DRZ's are not created equal. My DRZ came from the UK and not only is the stock exhaust 96db, the headlight is a different shape, bigger and with different mounts compared to the DRZ's here in Japan. Spring rates are different, too.

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