No part # ????

Ok so my new cam chain finally cam in today and per usual I get the through the "hard parts" of the job no problem, and screw up something easy :smirk:

The middle bolt on the cam chain tensioner broke off, so I had to extract it. I got everything else buttoned up, timing is set etc. So I just need to get a new bolt, but when you look at the part fiche for the cam chain tensioner, the middle bolt is the only one WITHOUT a part # ***??


also I was planning on riding this wednesday, assuming that my local yamaha dealer does not have this in stock, would anyone be willing to tell me the thread pitch and length of the threads so I can find a suitable replacement in the mean time? :smirk:

Barring a machinist chiming in, I'd take the tensioner off and take it down to a hardware store and use trial and error to find it. :smirk:

I can find the thread pitch that way, but I still need to know the proper length.

That bolt is only a plug for the hole. It needs to about 8mm long, 10 at most.

That bolt is only a plug for the hole. It needs to about 8mm long, 10 at most.

awesome thanks :smirk:

I thought maybe it had to be a certain length to prevent the tensioner from backing out too far. I will just eyeball one then, that looks to be the right length. I remeber pretty much how long the old one was, but didnt know if it was critically important for it to be the exact same size.

I just did the same thing to my tensioner bolt. Does the bolt head have to be the same size as the brass washer, or can it be smaller and still provide the proper seal?

Anyone? If the head has to match the washer, can I put a steel washer thats the same size over the top of the brass washer and plug the hole with a screw head that is smaller?

The washer and bolt have to have the same inside diameter.

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