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XT600 Main bearings

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Hi there,

Can anyone help me or direct me to a site on howto replace the Crankshaft bearings. The right bearing is straight forward, it is the left one that I do not know how to replace.

I cannot see how the bearing is going to come off past the cam chain gear.

I need to replace these ASAP. Does anybody know of a place that sells a very good set of 3rd party crankshaft bearings, the Yamaha guys is ripping us off here in South Africa.­čśĆ



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the cam chain gear is pressed on--the guy that installed my new rod said it will come off, but putting it back on is the tuff part (getting the timing mark perfect) my bearing was good -- just get a c-3 bearing. these bearings usually last forever (they are big) yamaha only sold this bearing with 1/2 of the crankshaft as a unit. mine is an 85 don't know if the newer ones are the same.

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