yz400f '98' exhaust?

hi guys and girls i was hoping that some one out there could shed some light into my dark little world.i also dont want this to sound like a stupid question ...sooo here goes.i have a mate who has a complete jardine RT5 exhaust system on his '06'250F and has offered it to me on the cheap and i want to know if it will fit my '98yz400'.i have looked at the yamaha microfiche and cross referenced the parts and all the part numbers are the same its just the lettering that is different. any help in this thread would be greatly appreciated.thanks.

You are misunderstanding the part numbering system. Your silencer is a 5BE-14753-00-00. By your logic, a 5XE-14753-10-00 is almost the same. It's for a YZ125...think it will fit?

Yamaha uses a "basic number" parts scheme. All 14753's are silencers, all 11631's are pistons, all 12111's are front hubs, etc. The letter prefix is what tells you which model they fit, and the trailing 4 digits describe revisions, alternate sizes, etc.

The pipe will not fit your bike.

ok but it wasnt actually the pipe that i wanted it was the muffler so it wont fit either then will it?


you can up to 05... 06 different frame, different style exhaust

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