If you can afford it get steering stabilizer !

Yesterday, me and 6 more fellas went riding. One of the guys fell, because his front tire moved unexpectedly. He fell and hit a big stone with his shoulder and smashed it. He also cut deep his elbow. I take some bandages from my med kit and bandage the elbow. We then found a car and drove him to the hospital in the neat city. He is waiting for surgery on his shoulder on Monday. Then they said there will be second surgery.

I?m 100% sure that if he had steering stabilizer he would not fall. My bike passes such obstacle without even knowing it. If the SS save your a$$ just once it has paid off big!!!

Wow, good thing you had your med kit. :) A steering stabilizer would probably help in those darned deep and sharp car/truck tracks in dried up mud.

Here in America we call duct tape and safety wire our medical kits. Sorry to hear about your friend but I agree that without a steering damper I would either crash more from rocks and roots or ride slower. Experienced riders know the difference. It is the first thing I ordered for my bike. :)

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