how many hours or miles on your 400's before rebuild

just wondering when I can expect to rebuild my 99 400

Bud: That's a very hard question to answer. What it boils down to is when your engine needs it...and what to look for. First of all, if you notice any dramtic drop-off in engine performance...accompanied(not necessarily) by smoking exhaust. If you've reached the smoking exhaust point, it's pretty bad! I'd say, over all, that what you want to look for is a little bit of exhaust smoke at start up, mechanical noise from around the cylinder, pinging or knocking under acceleration, overheating that you can sometimes feel with your legs...or that you need to replenish your coolant often.

The YZ426 has a uniquely short piston skirt, so, once you've reached excessive wear, you should know it. Change your oil VERY often and you can get 3 seasons of racing out of it.(average)...(opinion)

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