Chain replacement

So I got a new chain.

When I went to take off the stock chain I took off the spring clip and then.....

Do I need a chain breaker to take off the master link?

Silly question. Yes I feel stupid.


No, the outer plate may be stuck on the master link. You can pry it off with a small screwdriver.

And when you snap the masterlink back on, have the opening facing toward the rear of the bike. Facing forward can snag a tree/brush/whatever, and that's when the chain comes in half in the middle of nowhere. Seen it many times.

<--looking for info as well

But you are going to need the chain breaker for making your new chain the correct length and popping out any unwanted links correct?

You can buy the chain the correct length to begin with. 114 links is standard.

A good chain tool is a worthwhile addition to your tool box, though.

I use my bench grinder in a pinch

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