Chain length

Good catch on the $53 chain! The White Buffalo site makes the ERT appear to be an X-ring the way they list it, but its not. Their 520VM X-ring is $74.50, about the same as Rocky Mountain's price.

Ho Ho! :)

White Buffalo speak with fork-ed tonge. Fake-em out Pale Face. Me go see Pocahontis. Make little Poca Chips! :D

In fact, when I got my new KTM I took off the Regina stocker and put a new DID X-ring on it. I still have the Regina in the DID box with zero miles on it. If RMMC is out of stock wait a week, they'll get them.


Danco, did you have a problem with Regina chains in the past? Just wondering as I was thinking about the Ironman-Regina ORS combo listed on the Ironman website since there seems to be a huge demand for the DID X ring ( I was also thinking of the stainless steel Titax sprockets from Rocky Mtn but the countershaft sprocket seems cheesy -is it??). The Regina ORS is like $81 from Ironman when bought as a combo with the sprockets. I guess this is one of those topics that could go on forever :)


I used Regina chains for a couple of seasons of GNCC and had zero problems with them. IMHO they are good chains. If you found a good price go for it. Maybe Danco will cut you a deal on his. :)


I am shopping for sprockets and chains. Was going to go with Titax but the countersprocket concerns me. Now probably go with full Ironman an DID Xring for $200 - why go cheap?


Yeppers....I pretty much figured the same. :)


I put on the Ironman sprockets this weekend - awesome. They are very light and appear to be indestructible. I also put on the DID 520 X ring that I got from White Buffalo. I had a problem with the chain in that it came with a clip type master link instead of the rivet type. I asked when I ordered it if it came with the rivet type and was told yes??? Anyways, I went to the dealer and picked up a rivet type link (actually an ERV2 - which is better) and installed it with the RK chain tool (White Buffalo $45). One other thing, I had to buy a link remover tool as well as the RK tool is not an all in one. Unfortunately, I put a little too much muscle on one of the rivets and cracked the head of it. I'll have to pick up another link and replace it this weekend and be a little more careful when flaring out the rivet - come to think of it, I will by 2 just in case! :)


Thanks for the report back :D. Good to hear that those sprockets are the bomb. Based on your experience I'll order two rivet links to begin with. I'll check and see if my neighbor has a chain tool - he's the sales manager at the local Honda dealership and has a garage full of bikes (imagine that). If not, I too will visit White Buffalo. :)

Just feeling chatty so heres my two pesos worth... :)

Now on my third chain. Stock chain went out when i changed gearing. Second rig was the DID ERV2 with aluminum Renthal 47 in the rear. For the Baja 1000. It lasted 1000 miles!!!(and thats it...) Third deal was the cheaper DID Xring with Ironman sprockets. It came with a masterlink-so i gave it a try. 3000 miles and 7 major races later...its still a superb set up. The Ironman sprockets teeth look BRAND NEW! The chain is going strong,broken in but not stretched. I'm now confident the masterlink isnt going anywhere.


Now yer talkin'! This is the kind of feedback me 'n T-Diddy have been waiting for! :D T-Did just got his Iron Man sprocket and I got ta tell ya, I was way jealous! :D The thing is like a piece of dangerous art work. I'm getting close to needing the sprocks 'n links. Looks like I'm going Iron and X with reg masterlink. If it has been proven with Iron Dude, it's good enough for me :)

If it has been proven with Iron Dude, it's good enough for me

I've been told by someone who rides a lot that happens to know irondude and they told me they never met anyone who rides as much or as hard as this guy. If irondude says it works for him, you can be certain its been put to the test.

Aluminum sprockets whether hardneded or not just don't last for off road applications on a big bore machine and the sprocket probably took out the chain (just my guess). My 'guess' is that the ERV2 x-ring would have held up exceptionally well with the Ironman sprocket.

I've got one more set of stock sprockets and one Titax stainless steel sprocket (Danco special :)) to go through before I get an Ironman, but its coming in due time :D

Final report:

I procured 2 masterlinks today (I went with the ERV2 masterlink for the VM chain which is the same thing but allegedly a little stronger - also $2.50 more). I ground off the cracked head and pushed off the old link. I was lucky, or now experienced and was able to successfully rivet the first one on. I will carry the extra clip link that came with it when I go riding just in case. The other advantage of Ironman sprockets is the shiny brilliant appearance of stainless steel and I know that I will be able to win the sprocket beauty contest hands down over Rokatt any day at Ocotillo. :D :D :)


The line has been drawn in the Ocotillian Sand! Get ready Thump have awoken the Sprocket Diva Gods! :D :D :):D

Jeez guys. Thanks for the nice words. I should'a sent Rockatt my sisters phone number months ago! :)

On the all important issue of winning the shiny sproket hottie Ironman sprokets have one draw back- they are BUTT :D ugly after spraying green Motul lube on em back in the day. They rusted and kept a rather earthtone green/brown patina. Maybe its a cafe forest pastel luster. Im guessing the SS is gonna win the diva award....But DO let us know! :D

Jeez guys. Thanks for the nice words. I should'a sent Rockatt my sisters phone number months ago! :D

Well, wadder'ya waiting for?? PM me! :D

Maybe you will start a new trend with the "Camo Sprocket" look. Tre Cool! :):D You will be lulling the tree huggers into a false sense of security. :D

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