first crash on the 426

Just got my new 426 in december. I came off a 2000 yz250 with a broke collar bone. I was getting used to the thumper and the front wheel washed out in a turn and I broke my collar bone again in the same place. I love the new 426 but having bad luck. My hole family hates that i ride and it seems to make me have bad luck. I am 29 now and i still love to ride. I know getting hurt is part off it but everyone says grow up. To make things worse the bosses at work is giving me dirty looks. I try not to mention anything about riding at work. Boys I dred trying to cover this up. Sorry to dump all this crap on everyone but I know riders understand my riding sickness see ya




Hey, they don't understand one thing. We ALL grow old. In my opinion, one of the worst tragedies is to reach a point in one's life, look back and say,..."I wish I would have........when I had the chance"(fill in the blank). we only get one "go around" in life. If it hadn't been for dirt bikes when I was young, I might have ended up like many of my high school co-students, who are wasted druggies...or dead.

I am going to be 45 in april. Now People Tell

me I don't look it and well maybe I don't. If

there is a reason I don't its because I ride and participate like I always have. It keeps you young , keeps you moving. Stop riding and all your aches from the past manifest themseleves and ride to the top. I own a shop and had a customer tell me he was selling his

bike to help pay for a new house . I told him he needed to get a part time job and keep the bike. Broke my collar bone last year. Still riding....tell your boss to get a life!!!

No worries! Keep your feet on the pegs, and hold on!

Do what you love and happiness will follow. I thought I would never be able to pull another clutch lever again after an accident at work 5 years ago. It tool 3 years, but I feel now that mentally I am a better rider than I ever was. I am at the point in my life now when every day I can get out and ride, is another day that I thought I never could have. So I ride every darn day I can. The wife does not like it, the boss does not appreciate the days off due to riding trips (however I have introduced him to MX this year BONUS!!). As long as you don't come marching in on Monday with your boots and helmet on, it should be none of their business, right? Stick with it. Sometimes riders get in a slump, have a couple of silly crashes, and then move on. This is what you will do. It happens to everyone. Even the pros.

Take care


keep the faith brother, do what you enjoy and enjoy your life you are only here for a short while. Listen to yourself and praying helps.

Hey Kev,

The above sounds like all good advice.

I'm 35 and just broke my leg on the 426. Same scenario as yours. Family thinks I need to grow up, everyone at work looks at me funny when I say "It happened on a dirt bike".

If I did it snow skiing or playing basketball, it would be a different story.

Most people have mentally jumped on the bandwagon that motos are bad and dangerous. They have no real facts, but plenty of "I heard this and that". Obviously, a bad reputation.

At work, if they can't deal with the truth, it's best not to share the truth with them. Tell them you fell off a ladder while painting the house.

As for the family, stay off the subject as much as possible or tread lightly.

The bottom line is that very few people understand the association between living a life and the risks that come with that process. If we hide indoors all day with worries of what could happen, we would miss out on so much.

If you really look at the stats, everything in life is risky and can kill you. Even giving birth can quickly kill child and mother and this does happen more often than we think. Does that mean we shouldn’t have children? Of course not, because it’s a vital part of our happiness. So we do it, but in a manner that lowers the risk as much as possible.

People die in automotive accidents everyday as well. A lot. Simply starting up the car for drive to the grocery store can kill you.

So does that mean that we should go looking for dangerous things to do? Of course not. Again, the trick is to use our wisdom to eliminate as much risk and danger as we can, but enjoy all we can being what we are.

Last year I lost a close girlfriend to cancer. She was very healthy and in great shape, but it took less than 8 months to get her. When this happened, I really learned how fragile life is regardless of what we do. Shortly after this, I quit the job and rode nearly every other day, (mostly by myself since everyone else was at work). Everyone thought I was nuts and would surely get hurt, but I just couldn’t bare the thought of being on my death bed (whenever that is) with any regrets. I just really love to ride motos, so why should I go without that?

So yes, anything you do will always come under the judgment of others. It’s a highly recognized part of human nature. Remember how much criticism the Wright brothers received for their daring adventures?

The trick is to do what we enjoy, and of course, knowing when to share ourselves and when not to.

Best of luck.


DaveJ: You hit on a sore spot for me. I work at a large corporation that sponsors intramurel sports that many employees participate in...and many get injured. Well, that's an OK way to get hurt, but if I get a little banged up from a M/X spill, I get a ton of flak. I wasn't aware that there are socially acceptable ways to get hurt. One of my co-workers(same age as me, 47) enjoys flying ultra light aircraft....has had 3 crashes with minor to semi-severe injuries, and yet, he gives me heat for racing M/X. I'm very defiant now....just tell them all that I do what I damn well please and don't need permission from them, or mommy anymore.


I understand your point.

We just need to be ourselves, but it sucks to get judged the way we do. You would have the same concerns if you fell in love with someone half your age or of a different color. It's none of their business, but regardless, we get judged on it and all too often it can be used against us.

I'm just in a position where I have to be a bit more sensitive with people.


Kev, hang in there! We've all gotten the same flak a time or two and back to back injuries are hard to take.

I usually tell them I fell off a ladder or crashed my mountain bike. :)

45 and 47? Crap you guys are youngsters.My Grandson (26) and I are headed to the Desert ride till we're too tired to breath.I've broke damn near every bone in my body at least once and many twice.If I had it all to do over again I would only do it faster and more often.Fell out of a tree and broke my back in two places last year.Biggest bitch is I missed a lot of good riding and I'am not healing too good this time.

So the thing to do is go riding Don't give up you have many good years to ride yet.I'll turn 65 this year and I'am not about to stop.

I just took up MX at the age of 34. Had never owned an MX bike until now. I started taking my 8 year old to the track to race his 50, and decided I would join in on the action. I have a bad back and figured I might as well try to get some riding in before it's too late. Now since I started riding my back gives me less trouble than it did before. I guess it is because I'm more active now- I'm getting a workout on the bike instead of sitting my butt on the couch all weekend long. I'm a dentist and a wrist injury would certainly put me out of commission - and I don't get paid if I don't work - but hey, you only live once. Enjoy!

Yeah, like F-Pilot, I lie about how I get hurt now....although it's been 5 years since I've had anything serious enough that I missed work. I used the mountain bike accident the last time as well...told them I hit a fallen tree with my pedal and got my foot caught in the vee of the frame. Hey, they couldn't prove otherwise.

Thumpa: good to see you survived the weekend. Did you happen to go to Breaux Bridge Sunday? This coming Sunday is also another one of the race series there. I might hit CE's Saturday for a little practice since I haven't ridden at all since the mudfest at Fernwood. Maybe I can meet you and Sam there for a few hours...can't ride all day cuz I want to get home and prepare for Sunday. Game?

Oldmxer: Want another son?... :)

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This is my first post here. I have been out of mx for eight months now. I broke my collar bone, compound facture and was side lined. I sold my 99 KX250 thinking I was done with this sport. I am still not 100%, but I can't stand not having a bike any longer!

I am 36 years old and my wife got me a CR250 three years ago and told me to get out of the house. I raced a 79 RM125 as a kid but went off to college and never rode after that. I did not relize what I was missing.

Well today I purchased a 01 YZ426. I have ridden it less than a hour. It is the funnest bike I have ever owned. My shoulder is killing me and I have not felt this good in eight month.

I think I am going to have to sleep in the garage to night. The 01 YZ426 look really sweet next to the 00 Camaro SS. This is not my second child hood I just never ended the first one.

My advice to you is you are only here on the earth once so make it a good once.

Take Care!



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

hey Rick,

I know what you mean when I got my 426 about 2 months ago I almost slept in the garage too...but I decided I wouldn't because I would have to clean the druel off the garage floor! :)

where abouts in Houston do you live? I live in the Friendswood/Clear Lake area. Do you ride mx or trails?



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

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Originally posted by motoman393:

hey Rick,

I know what you mean when I got my 426 about 2 months ago I almost slept in the garage too...but I decided I wouldn't because I would have to clean the druel off the garage floor! :)

where abouts in Houston do you live? I live in the Friendswood/Clear Lake area. Do you ride mx or trails?


Hi Garrett,

I live in the Copperfield Area. The last three years I have been riding motocross. I actually managed a few trophies. I got the YZ426 so I can do both woods and MX. My 14-year-old daughter likes to ride the XR80 around and I want to take her riding in the forest riding. I am going to try to mix it up more with the YZ. I may even try a hare scramble.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Hey man!

I guess I'm not the only one who catches hell from his boss and co-workers about riding MX. I am a firefighter an dyou would think that having that kind of job already people wouldn't give me so much s*%# about riding, but they do! In fact my fat 50 year old boss (I'm 40) just told me to quit trying to relive my youth and grow up! This coming from a guy that has never ridden anything faster than a couch!! Someday I'll be to old ride/race MX,when that day comes I want to be able to say that I gave it hell when I could!!

Wow...some great stories, mine is similar ,but since its mine it is special,I will share it and I am glad to because I know it will provide some inspiration to fathers. I had a dad that brought home dirt bikes because he worked for a company that did financing for local shops and as I look back I bet they were repos. None the less, I started on a z50 at the age of 8-9 then after 1-2 years he brought home an mr 50. Those were deadly bikes, two stroke 50cc minis with a 3 speed,and now I was the fastest. Thanks to our hobby farms 200 gallon purple gas tank :) I rode every day till dinner. I was encouraged to race by my older brother ,but my pop said no. I kept that bike till I was 12 then sold it for golf clubs. :)Never rode again except for once (and I laid it down and bent some levers :D . Suddenly my kids are 7&10 and I get a z50 givin to us. They love it and I make the front page of our paper hauling a$$ on this bike while towing 2 GT snow racers behind. The local paper editor is our neighbour. Embarrassing picture,but I was proud to be showing the kids a good time. As a kid I went evry where in my home town ,I knew all the tracks and paths. My wish is for my boys to enjoy it as much as I did. After the z50 I went crazy and got myself a bike. 1st one in 19 years.It was a 78 It 175($450).It ran great and I drove the hell out of it. Then my older son started riding it ,so I did lots of research and decided on a kx 100 for him -the perfect bike for tall thin 13 year olds. Him and I drove togethr lots, then My it175 didnt start one day(after hours of prep and driving)So I went shopping and my wife said ok to the new ktm250mxc. Now we have the ktm and the older boy got a rm 125 for xmas (traded his kx) and our younger boy is on an xr 100. Are they enjoying it the way I did? My father never rode much ,but he brought the bikes home (always unannounced) I will never know if the kids do it because of my pressure/encouragement or if it is in their blood. MY guess is time will tell and I will be happy to see them buy bikes for their kids (my grand kids) in the future. Oh and btw I am allowing my son to race as I still wonder "what if" .The school boy class was something I never got to experience.

I am very lucky that my family got me into riding. I just turned 29 and its my first bike and first season. Just happens that I am on a 426 as well.

My Dad was the one that convinced me to get the bike, and its turned out to be a really good way for us to get to spend some time together again.

I am doubly fortunate that a lot of the guys I work with (in a very professional engineering office) ride as well, including my boss.

My friends; however, think that its ridiculous that I would get into the sport at my age, or even be interested in it at all. I have offered to take most of them out for a ride so they have the opportunity to see what its all about. I let them know that not only would they have a chance to learn something new, but they would then have some real experience to base their negative opinions on. They have all turned me down.

I just tell them that if they never get on a dirtbike and twist.... well...... they will never get on a dirtbike and twist.

Its as simple as that, and its their loss.

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