first crash on the 426

Just got my new 426 in december. I came off a 2000 yz250 with a broke collar bone. I was getting used to the thumper and the front wheel washed out in a turn and I broke my collar bone again in the same place. I love the new 426 but having bad luck. My hole family hates that i ride and it seems to make me have bad luck. I am 29 now and i still love to ride. I know getting hurt is part off it but everyone says grow up. To make things worse the bosses at work is giving me dirty looks. I try not to mention anything about riding at work. Boys I dred trying to cover this up. Sorry to dump all this crap on everyone but I know riders understand my riding sickness see ya

Sorry you broke your collar bone again. If you enjoy riding, then don't let anyone make you stop. Do what makes you happy. I've been out of work for 6 weeks this time due to missing a shift launching over a double and crashing into the face of the jump. Crushed two knuckles, broke two fingers and my wrist, plus was knocked out for 5 minutes and had a concussion. :naughty:

So what should we do? Sit on the couch? Hide indoors for the rest of our lives so that we can grow old....and then what?

I'll be back riding soon. I'm an older guy...a good ten years older than you.

Tell your family some of us will never 'grow up'. :bonk:

I just turned 29 and its my first bike and first season. Just happens that I am on a 426 as well.

My Dad was the one that convinced me to get the bike, and its turned out to be a really good way for us to get to spend some time together again.

Right on! Wow, this thread is a blast from the past.

If you ride dirtbikes you're going to get bumps, bruises, scrapes...and sometimes something a little more serious (hopefully never too serious). Most people can't comprehend people riding and racing in their 30's let alone in your 40's.

But what I can't comprehend is that most people go to work, come home and eat dinner and them plop down on the couch for three hours of sitcoms on TV then go to bed and do it all over again the next day. On the weekend they go to Home Depot and pick up some flowers or go to the mall and buy s*** that they don't need, then watch TV for several hours and go to bed. Or they ride their Harley's to Starbucks then the Harley shop, then to Starbucks and back home. It's like they are just sitting around waiting to die. Not us offroaders though! :bonk:

Six year old thread.

damn ur right i read em all and:applause: didnt notice good thread tho

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