OT: Happy Father's Day!

Just wanted to wish my fellow TTer's out there a Happy Father's Day!

I'm going to be settling into my chair later, lasagna and homemade apple pie in hand...all the while watching motocross on tv. It doesn't get much better than this. :)

Right back at you! :)

I think the new fishing pole my boys gave me just might be a hint as to how they want to spend the day... :D

Thanks double D...It was nice to have the family wait on me for once! :):D

Hope you all had a good one.

Im not a dad yet, but just got married in Sept. so mabye next year I can enjoy the spoils! :D (and the trials and tribulations) :)

For Father's Day, I got to take a very long Sunday nap! I am working 12 hour midnight shifts here at the plant.

Out of my 3 kids, only my Son, 8 yo, wished me a Happy Father's Day... My wife let him know it was FD this morning when I got home from work.

My oldest daughter, 15 yo, would celebrate Fathers Day ONLY if I was crucified & dying on a cross somewhere. She UTTERLY despizes me. I don't agree w/ her lifestyle - getting high, smoking cigarettes, "putting out" to the boys, refusing to lift a finger to help anybody.

My next daughter, 13 yo, only likes me when it suits her needs.

So much for my "Father Know's Best" hope of a home life... :)

Happy FD to you all!!

I'm not one yet, but trying to shoot one past the goalie..... :)

I work Monday, Tuesday and Every other weekend. The rest of the 4 days a week I am Mr. Mom. Dishes, bottles, cooking cleaning, etc... Makes me get cabin fever ever so often but wouldn't change it for the world. I get to take off on Thursday afternoons for a evening ride with the boys but that is about it. I look at these guys that take off 5 days a week and ride all the time... no wonder they are so fast!! What would I miss if I took off on weekends to ride? Will be nice when we all can have scooters to bring camping.

We should ALL be thankful of having been blessed with children.


Well..it is a miracle. The wife finally gave in and will agree to let my 6 Y.O start riding!. This is the best fathers day ever! :)..now what bike to buy for him!!

I bought my daughter a PW50 at the age of 5 and a half. She'll outgrow it in about a year's time or so, but the foundation that will have been built having learned on a bike that doesn't scare her or have too many controls to worry about will last a lifetime. You can find a pristine used one for about $800, and sell it for almost that much in a couple of years....well worth the money spent, if you ask me.

Think about it (from a father's perspective): single speed tranny = no shifting and no sudden unexpected movements; shaft drive (BIGGIE!) = no chain for the little one to get caught up in; no foot controls (all on the handlebars) = feet only have 1 I repeat 1 purpose (keep from falling) and it gears their hand eye coordination for both hands (good for when they move up to a clutch)....oh, and also, throttle limiter adjustable with a screwdriver and open end wrench. (not to mention only 80 lbs, low seat height, and looks REALLY cute up next to my WR.......)

My son is the size of an 8 year old!!!. I was looking at maybe a pw80... We will see..I am stoked!! mini machster on the loose! :)

Talk about a great Fathers Day besides a great family somehow they were able to slip a brand new shinny WR450F into the garage after I went to bed. What a surprise, now that a day! Went out the next morning hoping for some Tech 8 boots. Nope... but I'm so effin stoked!!!!

I got new graphics :) and rode all day :D :D

Smoke :D

NH Kevin,

Just so you don't feel like the lone ranger........I understand that 14yrolds to ???? act like they have been possesed!! Mine is in the throws of the same possesion. Wild personality changes etc. AT LEAST my daughter still loves to ride and is willing to get along with her old man if only for the weekends. But at least I have that. :D:)


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