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Achillies tendinitis

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About 2 years ago i started getting the pain in my tendon that just wouldn't go away. Finally went to the doctor and was told i had Achilles tendinitis. After doing physical therapy and all the other recommended things the tendon was still very bothersome. it keeps me from doing many activities i am so used to doing such as hiking, racket ball, and at time riding my dirt bike all the way to just general walking. needless to say this has affected my health mentally and physically!

2 weekends ago i took out my dirt bike for a nice mellow day of riding. Towards the end of the day i got a bit racy with some other riders and ended up going down, landing on my knee, forearm and shoulder. Instantly i felt wrong in my knee as i have injured it before but the pain wasn't there it just felt different.

2 days later after recouping from all my soreness i noticed a tightness in the right side of my calf muscle but the more important thing is my Achilles tendinitis seems to have virtually vanished! the tightness in my calf muscle has faded substantially but still remains slightly. To this day the tendon is lacking major pain so how did this happen? Will the tendinitis come back? I sure hope not and this goes to show how one semi bad ( falling off the bike ) actually helped something else i hope.

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