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Sisneros Speed Works products!

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+1 on the Turkey baster kit.

A couple other ideas for those of us that hate chasing parts all over town or dealing with minimum order prices from Sudco:

- CE removal kit: a couple vaccuum caps and the proper PAJ or adj screw and maybe a pic or two.

- OEM jet/3x3 kit: Most everybody comes to you for jetting anyways, why not offer the OEM jets and needle/clip as a kit. I know it took me a couple trips to local places to find OEM jets and even then I was sold the wrong jets and had to go back to get the right style jets. Lost a whole Saturday running around chasing the right $5 jet. Throw in a 3" putty knife and a pic or two just to make it complete. Maybe even offer (as an option) a 'high altitude' jet with the parts if the buyer had freqent trips to a significant elevation.

- AP mod kit: For the dremel challenged or those that just dont want to grind on their own parts. Throw in some safety wire and a pic or two. I know the diaphram isnt cheap but maybe a core fee and swap out could work? Would be really cool if there was some sort of bushing that could be fitted to the plastic arm so help repair it or keep it from getting so egged out.

- TPS block off plate: I hate having that pig tail sitting there unplugged knowning it isnt doing anything. Maybe a milled out cover piece that would allow the TPS to be removed, the hole filled and the throttle shaft properly captured :banana: If it wasnt stupid expensive I'd like one just to clean up the carb area. I think Dr.Honda made one for a personal project once, looked cool.

I am sure there is some more cool stuff lurking in the SSW research lab that would sell if it saw the light of day. Sorry if this isnt the proper place for the ideas, just want to see SSW thrive!

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Hi Eddie

My (your) 440 BB motor in my '00 plated E ran great at the Adv WMRS run last weekend.

So now the next step is address the suspension and the ergonomics.

Are you doing any suspension work/products?

I have to pull the front and rear suspension apart and put all new bushings,bearings,chains,sprockets etc in to replace my broken/worn out parts.

For ergonomics, I have to do something to get the bars up since I'm 6'7" and 280lbs. I recently added the offset DR Rizers and that helps alot but I need to do something about taller bars. Can you recommend a taller bar? Will your throttle kit work with rizers and a taller bar?

So my wishlist for parts from Eddie.

Cap Coil

New throttle/cable that will work with taller bars/risers

Turkey baster coolent recovery system.


a fastener replacement kit... for all the common sizes of fasteners

bearing replacement kits

chains sprockets

oil/air filters... and associated crush washers

and a list of services you offer... such as engine rebuilding

suspension services if any etc. now that you are in your new location.


Randy from Burbank

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