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splittin the cases of my 04 125

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Hey this is my first post here, i joined the forum to get help with this project. Im no stranger to workin on this bike, but i think i need a little help with this one. Im using all tusk tools to split the case, im replacing the crank, bearing, and seals, with new oem parts(there expensive but quality is suppirior to hotrods) My question is how many gaskets do i need? I know i need a top end gasket, a center case gasket, and a right case cover gasket. Am i missing any small one? Also while i have the cases split i will inspect all parts, how do i know if my shift forks need replacement? how many are there? Also are there any other parts u recomend i replace while im in there? I did get a complete oil seal kit so i will be replacing all of those too.

anyone who has split a cr case before plz let me know if there are any tricks i should know about(model specific)

thank you.

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