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Bike getting hot after changing jet size...

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I have a 2002 Honda CRF450R. It used to have this setup:

175 main, 42 pilot, OBEKR needle, 4th clip down

I cleaned everything out, and changed the main jet to a 172.

The bike seems to get hotter now. It gets real hot real quick and after I shut it down, it makes that creaking noise you hear from cars after they're shut down. It's not near as obvious, but it in fact does make a creak every now and then. I touched the float a bit, and held the carb in every position possible, but I don't think I bent anything if that makes a difference. The bike pulls harder, but I did experience slight hesitation when I slammed on it earlier. I wasn't able to recreate it though, and the bike may not have been warmed up. The bike now starts in one kick, and it used to be 4-8 kicks. I also got a new sparkplug so that may have helped too.

My fuel screw is two turns out.

Is everything normal, or is there something I should change, or be worried about?



EDIT: I'm at 1000 feet, and it's humid, and hot. (90's)

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Any engine can over heat. But an engine with the cooling system in good condition, oiling system up to snuff, good valves, exhaust, rings, will not over heat. That bike in that thread was trashed.

You need to be able to tell the difference between what is snake oil and what is the truth. You need to fully read, digest and make logical interpretations.Same logic you are using says every person is a murderer just because one person was.

I have no need to be believed.

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