PHX SX Report

Well as I gather my thoughts on last night at the BOB, I was a bit bummed that Mother Nature had to rain on our parade. The usual Valley of the Sun had Seattle type weather and this prevented the usual eye candy and resulted in a nippy tailgate party. GHN met us, pulled up a chair, ate food and drank beer with our posse. As it got colder he made himself at home in the RV to warm up. Shyness is not something that comes to mind when describing him. LOL He had some TOP SECRET items that I have been sworn to secrecy with.

Our Tailgate SX Trophy consisted of a rear sprocket screwed into a round two-piece aluminum plaque adorned with some well placed stickers. Marko and Tessa always do a 1st class job on the prize and everyone wanted it.

The Pace crew has a polished show that’s come a long way, don’t miss the pre-race ceremonies.

Track was perfectly groomed and the motos click off like clockwork. As mentioned before Terry Boyd is a joke and you cannot hear any of the race commentary, so bring your headset. The video game Bs is a good time to get a beer and relieve yourself. Even though I am not a parent, I like the peewee race although they could probably shorten it a lap. Seeing the lil guys all wide-eyed as they are introduced is pretty good for the family aspect and future of the sport. Jamie Little does a good job.

There was some great racing, although the main was not a barnburner like previous rounds. The qualifier with Ezra and Mac was killer and it looked like Yogi was having a great time dicing with the king for the first time in a while. He was throwing the bike around in the air and was sticking his wheel into Jer in the corners until he made a miscue and pummeled himself into the ground after he mis-timed a series of jumps. Wasn’t sure he was gonna make that main as he went directly to the pits. Lamy had moments of brilliance on his Husky and I was glad to see Vullieum back up to speed. Tortelli looked like he was hurting and wishing the Nationals would start tomorrow.

Lusk blasted off to a great start and earned the $1,000 Holeshot Award in the 250cc Main Event. The lead didn't last long as Carmichael looked very determined and made the pass on Lusk after the whoops. Back in the pack, McGrath struggled to shift his way out of a ninth-place start position. It was apparent that Carmichael wanted to do a Jeremy imitation and pull some early fast laps to discourage his competition as he pulled a four-second lead on the field by lap three and extended it to nine seconds on lap 15. McGrath made due with his lackluster start and worked his way into second place with only five laps left on a track that was fast and hard to pass on. LaRocco did his usual charge and made an aggressive move on Yogi to earn the final podium spot. Carmichael couldn't have ridden a more flawless race as he earned the victory, it’s definitely a two horse race at this point in the season.

The first turn had some real action as riders catuputed over the berm. The start to the 125 not only ended Justin Buckelew's three race holeshot string; it also ruined his hopes of winning the main event as he crashed hard and started in last. With the $500 Holeshot money and early lead going to privateer Jason McCormick, Fonseca took advantage of Buckelew's error and was the only one doing a tricky quad jump. On lap six, Fonseca moved into the lead. Langston was very impressive and pushed Fonzie hard the entire race, can’t wait to see him and Pastrana go at it outdoors!

Oh and a 125 rider crashed right in front of us and caught fire, in all my yrs of racing, I’ve never seen that. Wonder what he had in the tank? :)

Well that’s all for now folks sorry for the delayed report, but I’m moving in slow motion today.


Cool report Gary! It should be a great race next Saturday in Anaheim. Did you do the OTMX race Sunday at Canyon? How were the conditions?

Thx Scott,

No I didn't do the race Sunday....too many beers on Sat night! :)

F-Pilot said it was rained out.


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