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Fork Oil Recomendations?

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Okay...I'm sure this is going to spark all kinds of trouble, but, I'm going to empty the stock fork oil and clean out my forks since I've got a few rides on the '03, and I was wondering if anyone had any great insights into some good fork oil?

Initially I was inclined to continue with the stock Yamaha fluids until I found out you could only buy a 24oz can, and it's like $24!!! And one can wouldn't do it. Now, I know I can get enough Bel Ray, or PJ1 or any of those to fill both legs for $20.

So...any great suggestions out there? And please include the fluid weight as well with your suggestions.

Thanks in advance guys. I've always used Bel Ray in the past, but thought maybe there might be something new and specialized out there that I don't know about.

Tex LaBo

'03 WR250F

'01 WR250F (SOLD!!!)

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Unbelievable! Nobody has an opinion on fork oil??!?!? Is this Thumpertalk???? Hell...if I asked an opinion on what type of band aids were best to pack for a day at the track, I know you guys would have an answer! What gives?

Did I make someone mad here? I'm not McGrath! 🙂



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I hate to admit it but I use the Honda HP 5wt in my baby F it runs about 12bucks a quart and two does both legs with about threequarters of a quart left over. You can also get the Honda fork seals for alot less they come with wiper and seal for about $16 per leg.

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This has been brought up numerous times in the past. Essentially the answers have been:

The KYB 01 oil, @ $20+/litre, is the best you can find.

Then you hit the stuff that is $10 > $12 qt/litre, which many guys are satisfied w/.

Then you hit the crappy, essentially "conventional fork" oils ~ $5 > $6/qt.

Bottom line: You DO GET what you pay for.


The ONLY way to do an oil change correctly is to DISASSEMBLE the forks. You will never, in a million years, get all the oil out otherwise. I have seen some guys claim you never get your forks completely clean unless you disassemble the valve stack.

After pumping the cartridge assembly after pouring acetone into them, I tend to agree. The crap that comes out IS pretty filthy.

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Regarding oil weights..(nobody has really addressed this) There are a wide range out there. I have used heavier wts. in the past (ie. 7.5, 10) To me staying with the 5wt is always better because you seem to have more adjustability. The heavier weights give a harsh feel and very little difference from high and low compression settings. Go with the less expensive oils. I personally can't tell much difference in the quality or the longevity.

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