2010 450 Fork Seals Leaking

I have just about 7 rides on my 2010 450 and the seal on the right fork leg is blown. I haven't had it compressed to much, for too long, or had any real hard landings. I inspected and there are no nicks in the tube. Has anyone else had any issues with this? Any recommendations on seals and are they similar to change as my previous 2000 426? It's been 8 years since I worked on forks. Thanks.


Are you sure you dont have any dirt or debris up underneath the wiper? I would take the bike and put it up on a stand and pull the wiper down and take a tear off and clean up and around the seal.

Then set the bike off the stand and pump the forks up and down a few times and repeat the procedure until the leak slows down and stops. If it dont stop after the fifth or sixth time then it is probally the seal blown I would think or at least torn

Dried mud or dirty water spots left on the fork between rides are usually the culprit.

Pull the dust seals down and clean the exposed surfaces of the seal pocket out. Take a business card and tear it a third off of it length wise. Using the wider part of the card, insert it between the fork tube and the seal and use the torn, "fuzzy" edge to drag any dirt or debris out from under the lip of the seal.

Then apply a little multipurpose grease to the fork tube between the oil and dust seals and slip the dust seals back in place.

If your seals are not damaged in some way, this will take care of the problem.

Thanks guys.

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