Trying to find that perfect front tire...

I have a 2010 YZ450.. and have been running the stock tires... I actually liked the 742Fa front contrary to what people say as far as not liking it. Obviously the rear hooked up well but wore out quick. I saw greyracers thoughts on the mx51 dunlop rear and said it was a pretty good tire... I had been thinking originally of trying the front and rear but have read some not so great reviews on the front. What tire is the replacement of the 742fa? I've always ran bridgis 404/403 in the past but they also wear pretty fast and the front seems to wear really fast as far as the square edges. I'm sold at trying the rear mx51 but still not sure whether to try the front or something else... Based on people not liking the 742's and liking the mx51 front better I'd imagine I cant be too disappointed? Appreciate any input.:smirk: BTW, I ride mostly intermediate terrain trails that can get fairly wet at times... northern CA around Georgetown mostly as well as some cross country races.

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The Pirelli Scorpion Pro works well (the non XT version) in almost every condition even when worn. I like my older Bstone 201 but those are near impossible to find now that the newer model is out.

ive never had any complaints about the 742's but its the only tire ive ever ran on my 450 though. I loved the pirelli on my crf50 if that counts for anything!

Tried a 403 for the first time at a race at Glen Helen last weekend..........loved it! We'll see how it holds up. I was a 756 guy before so I'm used to great tires going away faster than mediocre tires.

I've talked to guys I race with and some love the MX51 and others think it's crap. To each his own I guess, just have to jump off and try them all at some point to see what you like.

I did find one conversation interesting though. Sitting there listening to a couple guys talking front tires, one singing the praises of his Dunlop 51's and the other his trusty Bridgestone 403's, both get discount sponsorship for their respective tire preference. The Dunlop guy changes his tune instantly when the Bridgestone guy tells him how much he pays. The Dunlop guy starts lamenting about the days when he used to run Bridgestones and would go back in a heart beat if the Bridgestone guy could hook him up. So, I dunno.......maybe Dunlops are great if you can't get Bridgestones cheaper? :smirk:

I went with the 403 because a lot of guys said I'd probably like it. I was thinking about trying the MX51 but went 403 instead, next time I might try the 51. Only tire I've ever really hated was the 739, never tried the 742.

All these questions about tires allways comes back to the same thing. If you run a tire from any major manufactures on the terrain it was designed for you will be happy. Trying to force a hard terrain tire to perform in a mud race and you will have a problem. Read the label. With that said right now I am running the dunlop geomax and like them.

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